Medicare Supplement Insurance

couplebbq420x315If you are 65 or soon to be, chances are you given some thought about Medicare. However, have you given any thought to what you might do if your healthcare costs exceed your Medicare allowances?

What does Medicare Supplement Insurance do?

Supplemental Insurance is designed to help defray the cost of out-of-pocket expenses in case of illness or Injury. If your primary insurance policies require you to pay high yearly deductibles, make expensive co-pays, or places low caps on the amount the coverage for certain services and products, you should consider supplemental insurance.

Frye-Shaffer Insurance can provide many types of Supplemental Insurance Plans we cover:

  • Prescription Supplemental Insurance
  • Income Supplemental Insurance
  • Health Supplemental Insurance
  • Healthcare Supplemental Insurance
  • Medicare Supplemental Insurance

Some of the biggest benefits of having a Supplemental Insurance Policy includes: cash benefits, lower health care cost, and ability to offset lost income. Remember Supplemental Insurance coverage is meant to add to your existing Insurance Policies not replace them. We know that supplemental care can be overwhelming and sometimes confusing, and we want to make sure you get the answers you want! We also want to help you understand the complexities of this type of coverage so that you can feel confident with our supplemental insurance plan. Frye-Shaffer Insurance agents are experts in the supplemental care plans. Call us today at 276-669-8242 or fill out the form above for an online insurance quote and let’s get started on your plan so that you can relax, save money, and get the best supplemental insurance protection.